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This is my first attempt at writing a story, Its gonna be long, Its gonna suck, And Im gonna get better as I go on, Pls Dont judge :D

Year 0103, April 3rd, Kingdom of Dragonhold. Isle Of Minecraftia

His Name Was Vechs, Vechs Davion.
And he Never knew his life was going to change today.

He was a tall man, About 6'2", With Dark Hair, and blue eyes. No one could see them of course, He wore Green Goggles all the time. He was a very self conscious man, And was very sensitive, but he could still hold his own in all types of combat.

He woke up in his humble abode at around 8:30, A bit early for him, but not early at all for the birds that chirped outside his wooden house, He sat up on his bed, ready to gather his food for the next few days.

No one lived with or near him, so he always went alone, it saddened him sometimes, but he put it out of his mind. Living alone allowed him to enjoy the quietness and beauty of life, The trees, The meadows, The grass, everything that was beautiful.

He got ready, Putting his normal black overalls and red shirt on, and was outside by 9:00, Walking to the forest, which was a good three miles away.

"Great," He said Quietly to himself. "Another day, Another sore leg tomorrow"

He didn't encounter much on his way to the forest, a couple of pigs, a few cows, and a sheep, Nothing out of the ordinary,

While walking, He realized he forgot his compass in his house, he quickly scolded himself for forgetting and reminded himself to remember his way back, Last time he forgot his compass, he was lost for upwards of three days, until he finally found his way back to his house, and he was close to starving by the time he opened his pantry.

As Vechs Continued his way through the plains, He began to hear something, A high pitched wail that he almost was certain was human,

It couldn't be, Murder? That never happens in Dragonhold, Who the hell would be screaming anyway, Vechs thought, No one lives here, The closest town is seven miles away, probably just hearing things. The wail went away soon after. He eventually killed a pig for its meat, It was noon by now, He thought, I should be close to the forest by now, And sure enough, he saw the forest over a small hill, "It wont be long now"
Vechs said to himself.

He always took a weapon, Whenever he went to the forest, To kill pigs, cows, And the occasional spider, But he never actually used it for hurting or injuring another human, The only fights he got in were with creepers at night, but he considered himself good with a sword. He really shined with his bow skills, Killing skeletons before they could even fire a shot at him, He was truly a master at archery.

While walking through the Plains, He noticed a chunk of ground was missing, he didn't pay much mind to it at first, But as he approached it was pretty obvious that someone built down here, he saw a ladder down to what seemed like a lab, but something made him shiver at that point, Something that sent shock-waves through his body. There was blood, Fresh blood, At the bottom of the ladder. Vechs would have to decide if he wanted to go down, Knowing that the wail he had heard before may actually not be a figment of his imagination, and actually a cry for help, And this decision would change his life forever.

-To be continued in chapter two.


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